Rachel Michaud

Hi! I’m Rachel, aspiring Green Thumb and Head Cat Wrangler here at PFHP.

I love cats. I love plants. Unfortunately, the two don’t always play nicely. When I couldn’t find a decent listing of pet-friendly indoor plants, I decided to start my own.

My name is Rachel and this site will be a chronicle of my efforts to help my flora and fauna live happily together.

Who am I? I’m a cat lover, vegetarian, cancer survivor, humanist, reader, and aspiring nexialist.

What do I do? I’m a freelance writer, visual designer, and creative problem-solver (hire me!).

This is Roxie, Chief Greenery Taster and Gravity Tester at PFHP.

Roxie is my roommate. We adopted each other in September 2017 and she’s helping me figure out this plant thing.

Roxie is a talker, chaser, napper, and sometime plant-eater. She’s also great at learning new tricks (though I’m not as great at teaching them consistently).

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